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Disclaimers: As an independent translation service provider, I provide my services under the same terms to all organizations using my services. Accordingly, I do not translate under boilerplate agreements prepared by the legal departments of organizations seeking my services. The Monthly and Freelance Translation Agreements under which I provide my services contain confidentiality provisions which fully protect the intellectual property rights of the organizations I serve. I make every effort to ensure that the quality of my services is the highest possible, but in keeping with industry practice, provide them on an as-is basis and do not guarantee their fitness for a particular purpose. If a client has questions or concerns about any part of a translation, I confer with the client free of charge until the matter is resolved to the client's satisfaction.

Business Policies: I do not accept assignments which may harm the good name or invade the privacy of any public or private individual or organization, nor any materials which are unethical, dishonest, vulgar, ideological, illegal, or which violate good morals and the public interest pursuant to Art. 90 of the Civil Code of Japan. I am not inclined to accept assignments relating to social, religious or political controversy. Assignments entrusted by employees of an organization should be related to the business of that organization and not the personal affairs of that employee or any other individual. Pursuant to Japanese law, I do not do business with any person or organization having any connection whatever with organizations defined as hanshakaiteki seiryoku (commonly known as boryoku-dan or yakuza).

Guaranteed Acceptance of Base Volume Under Monthly Agreement: I guarantee acceptance of all assignments from Monthly Agreement clients over the course of the month up to the point at which the number of characters translated and delivered within the month reaches the Base Volume level set by the client in question. I accept assignments exceeding Base Volume from Monthly Agreement clients and assignments from Freelance Agreement clients to the extent that my workload allows. In the latter case, I give priority to requests from Monthly Agreement clients.

Temporary Breaks: Clients may put a Monthly Agreement on hold for one or two months each year in order to accommodate employee vacations or illnesses. Unexpected accidents or illnesses affecting my ability to provide my services are very unusual. However, as I am an individual translator working independently, any such accidents which may occur should be regarded as force majeure. I do maintain contact with responsible, reliable and qualified colleagues in the translation industry. We maintain a policy of filling in for each other in the event of such emergencies to ensure that our clients are never inconvenienced.

Cancellation of the Monthly Agreement: As noted above, the 14 yen per-character rate under the Monthly Agreement is intended for clients which set b at no less than 1,000 characters . Thus if the three-month moving average of t for a client falls more than 15% below b (i.e., 0.85b, or the Monthly Agreement Qualifying Value for t) for three consecutive months, I will contact the client to determine whether the client wishes to maintain or cancel the Monthly Agreement. To maintain it, one solution would be for the client to lower b. But if b is already at the minimum of 1,000 characters, the only other solution would be to raise t. If the client decides not to pursue either of these solutions, then the client may temporarily or permanently cancel the Monthly Agreement. In any event, if the three-month moving average of t remains more than 15 percent below b without any consultation or decision by the client, I may cancel the Monthly Agreement. In that event, any translation for the same client would then be subject to the freelance rate of 20 yen per-character.

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