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Dear Visitors: Please note that, as of 2017, I am no longer taking on new freelance or monthly clients. However, I will be maintaining my website as a referential service for organizations, colleagues and other individuals interested in Japanese translation. Toward that end, I hope to improve the content somewhat, expanding the Quality Control pages and adding a section on the application of artificial intelligence (AI) to the translation of Japanese, which has proven to be far more difficult than for other languages owing to the unique nature of the Japanese language. Suggestions from visitors having ideas for other content are welcome.

You have reached the website of Charles G. Wilt. I am an independent "boutique" translator. I specialize principally in economics, finance and law. I offer financial institutions, business firms and other organizations attractive advantages in the form of highly professional translation and related services at effective rates which are up to 40 percent lower than the industry average for translation agencies.

Boutique Translators: Boutique translators occupy a special niche within the translation industry in Japan. Large, full-service translation agencies maintain networks of registered translators and can handle lengthy, urgent assignments in all major languages on an on-call basis. Independent boutique translators are not equipped to do this, even at the premium rates which agencies charge for such work. We must therefore set modest limits on the length and urgency of assignments we can accept within a given time frame. We compete by offering our clients dedicated, specialized and highly professional translation services at competitive rates covering that portion of client needs which is not affected by these constraints.

Finding the Best Solution for Your Organization: Although the main purpose of this website is to provide a detailed description of the translation services I offer and the terms under which I offer them, a secondary purpose is to provide background information about the translation process, the translation industry and the various translation service providers who serve the industry. The question of which translation service provider is best for a given organization must be answered with reference to that client's unique translation needs, internal resources and priorities with respect to the tradeoff between cost and quality. A good understanding of the industry and the translation process will help you determine whether the services and terms I offer are a good match for your organization's unique translation needs. As noted on the Rates page, I offer substantially lower rates to organizations which make translation assignments on a regular basis each month. Not all organizations need translation services every month. Others require translators who can work on an on-call basis and accept large, urgent assignments. As a translator, I am not a good match for such organizations. Whether or not I am the right translator for your organization, I hope the information provided on this website will help you to determine which translation service providers are the best match for your needs and to work with those translators in a smooth and cost-effective way.

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